Essential Types of Fall Protection Equipment That You Should Know

Several construction workers lose their lives daily. The major cause of this is failure to use various protection equipment. OSHA demands that every site owner should employ protective measures for their construction workers. The use of fall protection system is highly recommended. Here are six types of fall safety systems.

Use Body Belts
Every construction site worker must put on a body belt. They protect him/her from a free fall. Several people think that body belts can be used as a fall arrest system. This is not usually the case. Body belts allow for secure positioning.

Safety Nets Offer Protection
OSHA demands that every building under construction should have a safety net. You should consider using them for a building that has permanent flooring. Moreover, they should also be used buildings that are more than 25 feet long. Always purchase nets that are in perfect working condition.

Rope Grabs Ease Movement
Construction projects involve so much movement. Workers need to move up and down. Ascending a tall building poses a life-threatening risk. Going down a big building is also hazardous. As a construction owner, never put the life of your employees at risk. Get them a rope grab to help them ascend and descend the building comfortably. More info about  safety railing systems

Suspension Belts are Essential
The use of suspension belts is strongly advised. They will help your workers to adjust their position freely without falling over. Your workers will also find it easier to work in difficult angles that require a hanging position. Contact a reliable supplier before buying suspension belts.

Use Chest Harnesses
OSHA advises construction workers to use chest harnesses. They should wear them when constructing buildings with limited chances of toppling. Workers wear them on the chest region. Never allow them to use them in vertical positions. It is imperative to note that chest harnesses should not be used for retrieval. Consider using other equipment to pull a worker out of a tank.

Cable Lanyards are Ideal for Corrosive Environments
During construction, workers can be exposed to corrosive substances. In such situations, a cable lanyard will come in handy. Your workers can also use them in hot environments. Cable lanyards need a shock absorber to be effective. Read about  safety railing

You can purchase these systems from several physical stores. Always buy from a store you can trust. Consider reading reviews before purchasing safety equipment. It is important to purchase a fall protection system that applies to the situation at hand.